• Thanks to our national distribution network across Turkey, we take delivery of our custosmers’ parcel or package-based partial shipments from the relevant points of delivery and deliver them to the relevant points of delivery (National / Local Chain Stores, Shopping Centers, Branches and Warehouse etc.) on time and in accordance with the type of delivery demanded.
  • After the delivery, we share the information and documents demanded by the customers with the contact persons.
  • We always improve the information systems and the distribution infrastructure through necessary performance measurements in accordance with our customers’ demands and needs.


Complete Vehicle Distribution Operations (FTL)

  • Within the framework of complete vehicle distribution operations, we supply the appropriate vehicles in the vehicle track in accordance with the characterictics of our customers’ products to be forwarded, and deliver them to the planned destination on time and in the way demanded.
  • After the delivery, we share the information and documents demanded by the customers with the contact persons.


Dedicated Vehicle Distribution Operations

  • In accordance with our customers’ needs, we provide distribution solutions through dedicated vehicles for operations which require a local or regional special delivery.
  • We determine the most appropriate distribution model by examining the operation processes and analyzing the vehicle type, mode of delivery, route planning, tracking system and the needs for special team and equipments.


Transportation Operations on Dangerous Goods

With the developing technology and the use of dangerous goods in many sectors in our day, the need for transportation of such goods defined as dangerous has shown an increase. As a result of the increasing demand, serious accidents, which cause irrecoverable effects on all living creatures and environment, and irreversible pollution have occurred.

Transportation of the materials used to maintain production and daily life as well as transportation of the wastes especially in developing cities and industrial facilities for re-use, disposal or storage have increased the importance of current transportation procedures. For this reason, various legal regulations have been established for transportation of the dangerous goods.

As KSN Logistics, we offer a service on transportation of the dangerous goods by providing necessary standards and documents in cooperation with our consultants on the dangerous goods and in accordance with such regulations and our customers’ needs.

We Undertake Your Warehouse Management!

It is our profession to carry out your warehouse operation in the most effective way, to follow up and control all processes, and to ensure that you carry on your business uninterruptedly by arranging your warehouse.

We Direct Your International Trade!

We provide our customers with consultancy service thanks to our experiences in the international trade, determine their road maps in the best way, and direct their international trade activies.

We Get Beyond The Borders With Your Small Packages!

Regardless of small/large, we reach every package you have entrusted to us beyond the borders, and we know how valuable each shipment is.


We Deliver While You Sleep

Thanks to our more than 35 years of sector experience and our warehouse and transportation services in the four corners of Turkey, we work day-and-night and never leave you in the lurch.