When we examine the origin of the word ”logistics”, we see the Latin words ”loji(logic) and ”statistic (statistics)”. In other words, logistics not only means transportation and storage, but also means reaching these services to the most optimum level through logical and digital processes. As a result of the opportunities provided by technology to humanity in our age, logistic, which is a part of the tertiary economy defined as the main service sector, will merge with technologh in the process of transition to the quaternary economy and gain more importance in the world trade.

The trends which will further increase the importance of logistics are as follows:

  • Technological revolution
  • Growth of the E-Commerce volume
  • Increase in amalgamation of business
  • Increase in warehouse investments

For this reason, we call our initiative as iqit-logo



KSN Logistics, we have continued to develop our infrastructure on human resource and technology for the last 3 years in parallel with the development of logistics sector, through our boutique and innovative service manner. As we know that the most important resources for success in the logistics sector are related to human and technological infrastructure. We have made this approach permanent with the brand of in order to ensure that this service manner can be more adopted by the KSN Logistics family and that our customers can remember us easily through this manner

We Undertake Your Warehouse Management!

It is our profession to carry out your warehouse operation in the most effective way, to follow up and control all processes, and to ensure that you carry on your business uninterruptedly by arranging your warehouse.

We Dırect Your Internatıonal Trade!

We provide our customers with consultancy service thanks to our experiences in the international trade, determine their road maps in the best way, and direct their international trade activities.

We Get Beyond The Borders Wıth Your Small Packages!

Regardless od small/large, we reach every package you have entrusted to us beyond the borders, and we know how valuable each shipment is.


We Deliver Whıle You Sleep!

Thanks to our more than 35 years of sector experience and our warehouse and transportation services in the four corners of Turkey, we work day-and-night and never leave you in the lurch.