Aim of the Human Resources Department of KSN Logistics is to employ the talented persons who can adapt themselves to the relevant position, the values of KSN Lojistik A.S and the corporate culture, contribute to the future of KSN Logistics, think creatively and analytically with the team spirit, and always improve themselves.


Competency based interviews are conducted by evaluating the applicants’ suitability for the relevant position. After the first interview, it is ensured that the second interview is conducted between the successful candidates and the relevant department manager.

All applicants’ CVs are stored in the database of the Human Resources Department in order to be evaluated in case of a vacancy in the future.


You can apply through the Human Resources portals we have an agreement, or send your application to ik@ksn.com.tr by following the vacant positions announced in our website.


As a result of the evaluation of the interviews, an employment offer will made to the candidates, whose interviews have concluded positively, by our Human Resources Department.


As KSN Logistics Family, we attach great importance to development of the performance of both our company and employees. It is aimed to planned by the Human Resources Department in accordance with the relevant positions.

We Undertake Your Warehouse Management!

It is our profession to carry out your warehouse operation in the most effective way, to follow up and control all processes, and to ensure that you carry on your business uninterruptedly by arranging your warehouse.

We Dırect Your Internatıonal Trade!

We provide our customers with consultancy service thanks to our experiences in the international trade, determine their road maps in the best way, and direct their international trade activities.

We Get Beyond The Borders Wıth Your Small Packages!

Regardless of small/large, we reach every package you have entrusted to us beyond the borders, and we know how valuable each shipment is.


We Delıver Whıle You Sleep!

Thanks to our more than 35 years of sector experience and our warehouse and transportation services in the four corners of Turkey, we work day-and-night and never leave you in the lurch.